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Auto-Billing can now be found within your Payment Plans in the "Invoices" section.

Payment Plan Locations

You can find your Payment Plans in two places:

  1. Enrollment Period settings

    Under your Enrollment Period (or whatever you call specific periods or semesters), you will see a clipboard/money icon (V2 billing only). Click that to manage your payment plans.

    manage payment plans in Enrollment Period in Enrollsy

    manage payment plans in Enrollment Period in Enrollsy
  2. Program settings

    Open the editor of one (or more) Programs:

Editing Invoicing

Under Pricing, you will see a +/- Add/Remove Payment Plan. Click that to open up your Payment Plans.

editing invoicing in Enrollsy

Once in your Payment Plan, scroll down to "Invoicing."

invoicing notifications in Enrollsy

Under this heading, you have a few decisions to make.

  1. The first is to decide if you want invoices sent when Auto-Pay is on or off.

  2. The next is to set up when you want invoices sent. This is OPTIONAL.

  3. Please choose how you want them sent (by text, email, or by Account Holder's contact preference).

  4. Select who will receive the notifications (Primary and/or Secondary Account Holder).

  5. Pick how many days before each payment event they will be notified (1-7 days).

Click Submit to add the Plan. You can edit or delete any of these Payment Plans anytime.

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