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How to Automate Tasks Using Zapier
How to Automate Tasks Using Zapier

With new Zapier integration, you can set up automations with a variety of Enrollsy tasks

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Enrollsy has partnered with Zapier, an automation platform connecting Enrollsy to over 5,000 work apps and automatically automates repetitive tasks.

You have to be invited to be able to use this feature. If you would like to try it out, please contact us via the chat bubble within the Enrollsy admin platform and we'll send you a link.

How it works

It all begins within Enrollsy, adding the Zapier segments or events to your Programs. See this support article for instructions on how to do that.

In Zapier, it starts with you choosing an app (in this case, that would be "Enrollsy"). Then you choose a trigger. This is what starts the automation process between Enrollsy and another app.

After the trigger is the action -- what you want to happen automatically. For example, if you choose "New Enrollment" as the trigger, you could choose Google Drive, then "Append Text to an Existing Document" to make an enrollment list, or Mailchimp and "Send Campaign" to send them a special email.

That's what's called a "Zap," when your trigger causes an action.

How to Create a Zap

Step 1 - Select Enrollsy

Select an Event to start your Zap. In this case, it would be "Enrollsy." Choose the latest version available.

Step 2 - Choose Event

We have the following triggers to which you can connect a wide variety of apps via Zapier:

Enrollsy Zapier integration

Step 3 - Choose an Account

Choose a connected Account or connect a new Account.

Step 4 - Set Up Trigger

Next, you'll set up your trigger with one of the above events under "Zapier Segment." If you have not set up your Zapier segments, see this support article for instructions.

Step 5 - Test your Trigger

Test your trigger next. Zapier will load up to three most recent records that you can test.

Step 6 - Name Zap and Publish

Be sure you name your Zap and then click "Publish" so it will work.

If you need support for specific Zapier issues, please use the chat support button with the Zapier software or see their Help Center.

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