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How to Transition to the V2 Billing System
How to Transition to the V2 Billing System

Looking for an upgrade to your billing system?

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To switch over to the new (V2) billing system, here are the steps:

  • Existing Enrollment Periods (EP) with the auto-pay need to end (no longer have existing auto-pay events)

  • Get Enrollsy to switch current EP(s) to new billing with a switch (NOTE: after we switch one, the switch becomes visible for you to switch others)

  • Enter Pricing/Payment Plans in new EP(s) - We have many support articles in our Support Center about how to set up pricing and payment plans.

  • Adjust current enrollments by MANUALLY adding invoices or payment plans to each account (if you have more than 100, please let us know)

  • Archive old EP(s) (that NO LONGER have billing happening (auto-billing &/or auto-pay)

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the above steps, LET US KNOW via the chat button so we can change your company settings to the new billing so that all newly-created Enrollment Periods will be on the new system and irrelevant settings will not be visible.

If you have any questions about switching, please open the chat window and talk with us! We are happy to assist you! 😃

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