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After you publish an Enrollment Period, you may decide it’s not what you want and need a re-do. That’s okay because we have a way for you to delete an unwanted Enrollment Period. You can also Archive past Enrollment Periods.

To Archive

First, we’ll go over how to archive an Enrollment Period.

  1. Go to the Classes Tab/Classes and click on the Enrollment Period you wish to archive.

  2. Click the cogwheel. A new menu will appear.

  3. Go to the box icon (when you hover over it with your mouse, you will see a message, “Archive this Enrollment Period”).

  4. Click Archive, and the Enrollment Period will be moved to the Archived section.

To Delete

After archiving an enrollment period (the previous step is REQUIRED to delete a period), check the box beside the period you wish to delete and click the cogwheel. A trash can icon will appear. Click on that and then “Delete” and “OK”; you’re done!

NOTE: If any programs are tied to the Enrollment Period, you will get an error message, “Unable to delete Enrollment Period!” You will first have to delete the Programs of that enrollment period in the Programs Tab and then go back and delete the period.

delete or archive enrollment periods in Enrollsy
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