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How to Prorate Fees for Programs or Classes
How to Prorate Fees for Programs or Classes

Pricing can be prorated based on enrollment date and holidays

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Do you need tuition or class fees to be prorated based on the enrollment date and/or holidays? Learn more about how proration works in Enrollsy.

Must-Dos for Proration to Work

IMPORTANT: For Prorating to work correctly, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Proration currently only works with Pay-in-Full and/or Scheduled Payment Plans in any Enrollment Model.

  2. Ensure the Enrollment Model indicates when the Program runs or if the pricing is on the Class; make sure the Class dates are set.

  3. When applicable, modify or create your Holiday Calendar if you wish to exclude specific dates from the proration algorithm. In other words, exclude them if you don't want Holidays or Breaks to be included as part of the total cost that gets prorated.

  4. Depending on where you have pricing set, you will now see a Prorating section in the Program or Class. Ensure the Prorating settings include all Charge Items you intend to Prorate. This consists of those due at enrollment and in any Payment Plans.

  5. As always, you can just run through a quick test enrollment to verify that your settings produce the desired outcome.

Program Dates & Holiday Calendar

Make sure you update this section, "When does this Program run?" under the Enrollment Model in the Program editor. Also, set up your Holiday Calendar if you need proration based on holidays or breaks.

The new Holiday Calendar lets you more easily add and name long breaks:

new holiday calendar in Enrollsy

Set up Prorating in Program

prorating in Enrollsy

To set up prorating in a Program, open the Program editor on the Programs page. Ensure you have all the above criteria in the Must Dos. Scroll to the Pricing/Prorating section and choose the option "will" in the statement, "Enrollment into the Program will be prorated." Choose the following options:

  • Choose the number of days from enrollment the Enrollee can start. You can choose from "same or next day" to "up to 30 days out."

    prorating in Enrollsy

    For example, if you choose "same or next day," the Enrollee can only select today or tomorrow as a start date. If you choose "up to 30 days," they can choose to start anywhere from today to 30 days from the time they enroll to start.

  • Choose the Charge Items you want to prorate. If you need an additional explanation of how proration works, click the "View calculation example" link at the bottom.

prorating in Enrollsy

The Customer's Proration Experience

When a Customer enrolls after a Program or Class has started, or after a Scheduled Payment Plan Payment event, they can select the desired start date based on the settings you created. The start date they choose will determine how much they pay at enrollment.

Customers select the first date they will attend. Notice that the Program's total cost is crossed out in each Payment Plan, and the Prorated amount is displayed below.

Enrollsy proration experience

Desired Start Date

On the Enroll Form, the Enrollee is asked to provide a desired start date. This start date is so that you know when to anticipate the date the Enrollee will start attending.

  • If the Enrollee selects a start date, that date is included ONLY in the Enrollment Confirmation email sent to Admin users.

  • If the Enrollee does NOT include a start date, the start date is the NEXT Class date.

NOTE: Proration of the fee or tuition will be based on the provided start date. However, PAYMENT for the Program will start at enrollment. The logic behind this is that the Enrollee is taking up a spot for however many days in advance.

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