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How to Create a Program-Level Waitlist
How to Create a Program-Level Waitlist

If your Programs need a Waitlist, create one (with or without a capacity)

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Creating Waitlists is easy as long as you have created at least one of the following created and published:

  • Location

  • Enrollment Period

  • Program

If you need help with that, please see this support article.

Waitlists are also available on the Class. Click here to learn more about Class-level Waitlists.

Enforce Enrollment Setting

The setting "Enforce enrollment capacities" must be turned on for a Waitlist to show up on the Enroll Form. To turn on this setting, go to the My Company page and click on the Enroll Form item in the left menu. Then uncheck the box as seen below.

add capacity in waitlist in Enrollsy\

Create a Waitlist on a Program

To create a Program-level Waitlist, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Select Enrollment Period & Program

Click on the Classes menu item in the left sidebar. Once there, select the Enrollment Period at the left. Next, choose the Program under the Enrollment Period where you want to create the Waitlist.

Step 2 - Add Waitlist

Click the button on the right that says, "Add Waitlist."

Step 3 - Set Capacity

If you would like to set a capacity for your Waitlist, you can, but it's not required. Enter a Capacity greater than "0."

Edit Waitlist Capacity

To edit the Capacity of a Waitlist, click the blue pencil icon.

Edit program waitlist in Enrollsy

When the Waitlist Editor opens, enter the number into the Capacity and click Save.

Enter Waitlist capacity in Enrollsy
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