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Learn how Auto-Pay works in Enrollsy

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Auto-Pay Settings

The company-wide Auto-Pay Settings on the My Company page in the Payment Settings. You have the following options

  • Allow Enrollees to opt in or opt out of Auto-Pay

  • Force Enrollees to be on Auto-Pay

  • Hide Auto-Pay from the Enroll Form

Auto-Pay Schedules/Frequency

The Auto-Pay frequency is based on your Payment Plans' Payment Events. Within each Payment Plan is the payment frequency or event depending on if it's an Installment, Scheduled, or Subscription Payment Plan. Click here to learn more about Enrollment Period Payment Plans.

NOTE: Auto-pay is also run once or twice a week for any past invoices.

Custom Individual Payment Plans

You can add a custom Auto-Pay schedule by customizing individual Payment Plans. These are added either at enrollment or by an Admin user. They can be edited, deleted, or added at any time.

So let's say there is an account that has $50 credits. And you create an invoice onto that account for $100. The system will, every 20 minutes, go grab that $50 and drop it onto that $100 invoice to make it $50 due instead of $100. Then the account would be in a good state for the Auto-Pay system to collect $50

So it's gonna be like two steps to Auto-Pay. 1) Reconcile/balance invoice credits. 2) Collect what's actually due on their selected Auto-Pay method.

Auto-Pay Schedules

NOTE: Auto-pay will only run on balances of 50¢ or more. It will ignore any balances of less than 50¢.

When a Customer has a valid payment method on file and has auto-pay enabled within their Account, Enrollsy will automatically find and collect payment for Current Invoices with a due date on that day in EST or the prior day (for invoices created with a due date after that days' auto-pay runs), with a first run at 8:30 am EST and again at 11:30 pm EST.

Here are a few examples of what that might look like (please carefully note the invoice created times and how they relate to the payment times):

Invoice Generation Method

Invoice Created Date and Time

Invoice Due Date

Invoice Payment Date and Time

Automatically from a Payment Plan

Wed Aug 2 @ 1:30 am EST

Sat Aug 5 EST

Sat Aug 5 @ 8:30 am EST

Manually by an Admin

Wed Aug 2 @ 8:01 am EST

Sat Aug 5 EST

Sat Aug 5 @ 8:30 am EST

Manually by an Admin

Sat Aug 5 @ 8:29 am EST

Sat Aug 5 EST

Sat Aug 5 @ 8:30 am EST

Manually by an Admin

Wed Aug 5 @ 8:31 am EST

Sat Aug 5 EST

Sat Aug 5 @ 11:30 pm EST

Manually by an Admin

Wed Aug 5 @ 11:31 pm EST

Sat Aug 5 EST

Sat Aug 6 @ 8:30 pm EST

Auto-Processing Report

You can view who is on Auto-Pay on the Invoices page. An "Auto-Pay" column shows the payment method the customer uses (i.e, "ACH" or "Credit Card") if they are ON Auto-Pay. If Auto-Pay is off on that account, it will say "Off."

NOTE: Customers with Auto-Pay off can always turn auto-pay on from within their Account, which will eliminate the need for them to sign in and manually pay.

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