How to Post a Payment

A guide on how to manually add payments in billing with payment plans

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This is also called "charging someone's card/bank account." When you post a "Payment," you are collecting and recording either an electronic payment (credit/debit card or ACH) that will be taken out of the Customer's Account at the time you post it, or you are recording cash or check payments made to you.

Sometimes you need to post a transaction to an account manually. Posting a payment can be done by following these steps:

Step 1 - Post Transaction

There are two places you can post a Transaction (Invoice, Credit, Payment, or Refund).

  • Post Transaction Button (on an Account Billing page) - The second place is the "Post Transaction" button within a Customer's Account on their Billing page.

    Next, click the Collect Payment Button in the menu.

  • Plus Button beside invoices (left menu) - The first is the Plus button beside "Invoices" on the left sidebar menu.

Once you click "Collect Payment," follow these steps:

Step 2 - Search for Account Holder/Enrollee

Under "Account," if you are already on the Customer's account, the Primary Account Holder's name will automatically pre-fill. If you are not on a specific Customer's account, search for the person's name in the search bar.

NOTE: If you click "Collect Payment" from the plus button (NOT in a specific Account), you can add more than one Account in this section.

Step 3 - Collect Payment

In this section, you have three options:

  • Pay the Account Balance - will pay the balance on the Account

  • Pay specific Invoices - select one or more of the Invoices shown

  • Pay a Custom Amount - enter any amount

Step 4 - Set Up Transaction

Under "Set Up Transaction," you can do the following:

  • Change the Classification (company name, if there is more than one)

  • Add comments (public or private)

  • Edit the amount (click the pencil icon and it will take you back to the Collect Payment step)

  • Choose the Payer from the list or add a new player (click the plus button to add another Payer)

  • Select the payment method

  • Print a receipt

Step 5 - Post Payment

The last step is to select "Post" to post the payment. All payments can be viewed on the Account Holder's Billing page under "Transaction History." See this support article for how to read the Transaction History.

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