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How to Apply a Discount After Enrollment
How to Apply a Discount After Enrollment

Learn the different ways to apply either a Discount or Coupon Code after enrollment

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Do you need to manually apply a Discount to a Customer's account after they have enrolled? Here are several ways you can do that in Enrollsy:

Add a Credit

One way, and probably the easiest way, is to just add a Credit to the Customer's account. Check out this article for the steps to do this. This is best to do if you have an Invoice that you can add the Credit to. If you do NOT have an Invoice, then choose one of the following options.

Add a Discount to a Payment Plan

If the Customer is on a Payment Plan, you can add a Discount to the Payment Plan. See this article for steps to add a Discount.

Re-Enroll using a Coupon Code

You can also re-enroll the Customer in one of two ways:

  • Have the Customer re-enroll themselves using a Coupon Code. Here is a support article that shows a Customer how to enroll and re-enroll in the Customer app.

  • An Admin User can re-enroll the Customer also using a Coupon Code and the Customer's current payment method. Here are the steps to enroll someone as an Admin.

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