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Admin Users can enroll someone themselves; however, there are some major differences between a Customer-created enrollment and an Admin-created enrollment. See this article for those differences.

Important Information about Enrolling as an Admin

  • Payment Plans are attached to the Enrollment. Therefore, when Admin users change enrollments (by moving Enrollees to or from Classes/Programs), any Payment Plan that was attached to the previous enrollment will disappear along with the enrollment from the Enrollee's page/account.

  • Admins will have to manually add Invoices and/or Payment Plans to new enrollments. Meaning that after you move an Enrollee to a new Program/Class, you will have to create an Invoice for any fees currently due (i.e., "Due at Enrollment") or add an individual Payment Plan to their account.

Enrolling Using the Enroll Form (New Accounts)

Follow these steps for an Admin-created enrollment using the Enroll Form:

Step 1 - Account & Enrollee Info

Click on Enroll on the left navigation menu, and enter the pertinent information on your Enrollment form (Parent/Primary Account Info and Student/Enrollee Info).

Step 2 - Program Selection

Once you get to the Program Section, choose the following:

  • Location

  • Enrollment Period

  • Program Name

  • Other Program Options (including any Class Selections)

select a Program in Enrollsy

Step 3 - Zero out Pricing

Uncheck any boxes under Pricing Options and/or Payment Plans so that all Pricing shows zero. You will have to manually add any Payment Plans or Invoices (due at enrollment costs).

NOTE: If you leave them checked, you will go to a payment page. If you already have payment or can get payment from the Primary Account Holder when you enroll them, leave the box(es) checked.

uncheck boxes to override tuition on Admin-created enrollment in Enrollsy

Step 4 - Complete Enrollment

Check to ensure the Enrollee is in the correct Program, and then click Next Step again and Complete Enrollment to finish.

Enrolling on the Classes page (Existing Accounts)

You can enroll someone with an existing Enrollsy account only if the Enrollee's current enrollment history DOES NOT need to be preserved. If you need to preserve the enrollment history of the current enrollment, STOP reading and read this support article for instructions.

See How to assign or reassign an Enrollee for detailed instructions based on your Program setup.

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