Collect Payment

Record or manually collect cash, check, credit card, or ACH payments from your Customers

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When you post a "Payment," you are collecting payment by Credit Card, ACH, Cash, or Check.

You can collect payment in the following places:

1. Customer Billing Page: On the Customer's Billing page, click the "Post Transaction" button at the top of the page. Then click "Create Invoices" from the menu.

2. Invoices Tab / + Invoice: Create an Invoice by using the plus button on the left sidebar beside Invoices. Then click "Create Invoices" from the menu.

How to Collect Payment:

Step 1 - Search for Account(s)

After selecting one of the above options to create a new Invoice, a new window will open where you can search the Account(s) you want to collect payment for.

Step 2 - Collect Payment

You have three options to collect payment:

  • Pay the Account Balance

  • Pay specific Invoices that are currently due on the account

  • Pay a Custom Amount

Step 3 - Set Up Transaction

Under "Set Up Transaction," you can do the following:

  • Change the Classification (company name, if there is more than one)

  • Add comments (public or private)

  • Edit the amount (click the pencil icon and it will take you back to the Collect Payment step)

  • Choose the Payer from the list or add a new player (click the plus button to add another Payer)

  • Select the payment method

  • Print a receipt

Step 4 - Post Payment

The last step is to select "Post" to post the payment.

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