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Financial Statements

How Admin and Customers can access statements for tax purposes

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When tax season rolls around, many customers may need an end-of-year tax statement that shows what they paid for the year. In Enrollsy, customers have access to export or print this statement themselves, right from the Customer Portal.

Customers can only print or export statements while logged in using a browser - we recommend Chrome or Safari. The link they'll need is the Account Sign-In link found on the My Company page under Links. You can also embed the Account Sign-In link on your company website.

How to Access Financial Statements

Customer Portal

Once signed in, here are the steps to print or export a tax statement:

  • Click on Transactions from the Menu.

  • Click the Printer icon at the top-right of the Transaction History, then select the Print Transaction Summary.

  • Select the dates of the Summary and click Load.

  • Select Print on the next screen. Choose either "Save as a PDF" or print the document from the Print screen. You can then email the statement as an attachment.

  • To export the Transaction History in its entirety to a spreadsheet, click the Export icon.

NOTE: Even if customers withdraw from your Program, they can still access their account.

Admin Portal

If you do need to print a statement for a customer, here are the steps to do that:

  • Search for the customer in the search bar (by name, email, or phone).

  • On the customer's Billing page, scroll down to the Transaction History.

  • Click the Printer icon and then Print Statement or Print Transaction Summary at the top-right of the Transaction History.

  • Select the desired date range and click "Load" then "Print." Send the statement either to a printer or save it as a PDF to email.

  • Click the Export icon to export the Transaction History in its entirety to a spreadsheet.

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