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How to Download Enrollee Photos
How to Download Enrollee Photos

Learn how to download and print default headshot photos

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There are two ways to get photos into Enrollsy. The first is the default Enrollee photo that can added to an Enrollee's account page or the Enrollee Table (with the "photo" column showing). The second is using our "Photo Activity" which allows you to upload your own photos.

The following are the steps to download/print each of these types of photos.

Enrollee Photos

These are the default Enrollee photos that are accessible on an Enrollee's account page. Learn more about how to add a photo to an Enrollee here.

Follow these steps if you need to download these photos:

  • Go to the Enrollees Table and select the Enrollments tab

  • Be sure to load all enrollments

  • Add the "Photo" and "Enrollee" columns

  • Right-click on each photo and save it

  • Once saved to your computer, then you can print them

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