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How Instructors can Access Classes & Account Info
How Instructors can Access Classes & Account Info

How to adjust permissions so staff manage class and account information

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To give Instructors access to Class and Account information, edit your Instructor's permissions so they can access all Class rosters, Enrollee profiles, and send text messages. To do this, Go to the Instructors page and click the blue pencil icon beside the Instructor's name. Scroll down and select "Can access all classes." This gives this specific Instructor access to all Classes.

If you want the Instructor to be able to edit account information or manage classes, be sure to select the permissions under the role. NOTE: If you edit a Role with different permissions, anyone else who has the SAME Role, permissions will be changed as well. If a staff member needs DIFFERENT permissions, then create a new Role for that person.

From within the Instructor Portal, you can select the Enrollee's name and a window will open showing the following under the Enrollee tab:

  • Enrollee's Timeline

  • Enrollee's Enrollment(s)

  • Enrollee's Account information

  • Account information

Classes can be managed from the Classes page in the menu. Click here to see more information on how to view or edit Enrollee or Account information in the Instructor Portal.

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