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Where Coupon Codes are on the Enroll Form
Where Coupon Codes are on the Enroll Form

See where the Coupon Code will appear for your customers

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See this support article if you need instructions on how to create one or more Coupon Codes.

If you have already created the Coupon Code(s), be sure you have attached them to the proper Program(s) (by selecting them under the "Enroll Form" settings in your Program editor). Click here for instructions on how to attach Coupon Codes so they can be used by your customer(s).

When a customer enrolls, once they choose the Program that the Coupon Code is attached to, in the current enrollment card, a Coupon Code blank will appear (see below for an example).

Once the customer enters the Coupon Code, the system will show that the code has been applied.

Below the enrollment card will be the plan costs. The Coupon Code will be displayed below the Charge Item it has been configured for any fees due now.

If the customer chooses a Payment Plan, any amount due on that Payment Plan will show. In the example below, the total of the Payment Plan is $200. The Coupon Code is taking 75% off of $200, which leaves $50.

At the end of the enrollment, if there is anything due at enrollment, totals will be shown again, including the Coupon Code and the amount taken off of the Charge Item. In this example, the Coupon Code was for 75% off the Camp Fee. The Camp Fee is $50, so the Coupon Code is taking $12.50 off (75% of $50).

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