Here you can add usernames and passwords to grant users access to your website admin.

What are the default user types/roles when adding a user?

There are 2 main types of users:

     Administrative Users

          This is the default user type with access to all station tasks for this website
          except managing user names. These users are not be associated with any
          Staff/DJ/Personnel Account

          When adding an administrative user, ignore the optional
field on the add-user screen.

     Staff/DJ/Personnel Users

          These users will by default ONLY have access to their assigned
          Personality/Personnel Account
. Assign the Personality/Personnel Account by
          using the drop down list next to this user. If you do not see the person's name in
          the list, the person needs to be added under TOOLS > On Air Tools >
          Personalities & Staff

How Can I increase a user's level of access?

Once you have added the users, you can further designate tasks by clicking the "Role" - or Pencil - icon next to the users name.

If you require that a certain user be able to access all the websites in your group of websites, contact us and we will designate this High-Level user role called the GROUP USER. We like to keep track of who has complete access, for your protection.

The Manage Users link is normally located under SETTINGS > Manage Users.

If you do not have the "Manage Users" link in your admin panel under SETTINGS, it means you either have not been granted this access for your username (Ex: Staff/DJ/Personnel Accounts do not have access to the "Manage Users" link) or you may be a GROUP USER that is logged into a Staff/DJ/Personnel Account. If you are a GROUP USER logged into a Staff/DJ/Personnel Account, log out of the Staff/DJ/Personnel Account in the top right corner and you will once again have access to the "Manage Users" link.

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