This is the final step in the three step process. First you need to set up the Personalities / Jocks. Then you need to set up some Programs. Finally you want to set up the Schedules. If you follow this three step process it will make this so much easier to understand.

This tool has a lot you can do. If you have not set up a program or a personality / staff, then you will want to do that first before looking at this. 

You will want to pick a day to start setting up a schedule. Step 4 is optional depending on if you want to copy a schedule you have already made to a new day. Step 7 and Step 8 require you to have a program and a personality / staff already set up.

The Special Schedule Dates option is used for holidays or any special events that are coming up. This feature will override any default scheduling, so please keep this in mind.

Note: During Setup - Make sure you build out your schedule for EACH day, scheduling 24 hours for each day. Do not overlap your times. 

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