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This is the first part of a three part process. First you need to set up the Personalities / Jocks. Then you need to set up some Programs. Finally you want to set up the Schedules. If you follow these three step process, it will make this so much easier to understand.

This tool allows you to add, manage or delete a Personality's / Jock's profile page. You can give each Personality / Jock access to their own page so they can add in their photo, a bio, and ways to contact them over social media. This can be done under Settings > Manage Users.

Add/Edit Your Jock Description

Step 1 - Add text in the jock description field

Commonly, the jock description contains a quick introduction or bio for the jock.

If the jock has his / her own website or Social Media account(s), you can fill out the fields below the bio field with the links.

Change Your Jock Photo

Step 1 - Select "Choose File" or the "Browse" Button

This will allow you to browse your computer for your image file.

Note: For best results, we recommend uploading jock photos with the dimensions of 200x200 pixels.

Once you are all set with your changes, you can click on the first "Save Changes" button - found at the bottom of the "Edit Profile" box. Do not click the second button in the "Administrator Options" box as that only saves the changes in that box.

Administrator Options for Jocks

With these options, you can change the visibility of a jock's blogs and / or profile page, as well as display a podcast on a jock's profile page for users to open to. The options, however, are only available for higher-level users (i.e. Group Manager, Station Manager, etc.).

Jocks in the Contact Form

The "Contact" quick link on a jock's profile will automatically take a user to the Contact Page with the jock's name selected in the Contact Form by default. It is recommended to have your Personalities / Jocks added to the form for this to work, however. If you have not done so yet, you can do it in the back-end under Settings > Contact Page Info.

Add a Personality

Admin View:

Create View:

Edit View:

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