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E-Club / Member Pages

  • The "E-Club / Members" page is indicated by a "Three-Person Group" icon in the Admin.

  • Your page may be under a different name such as "Members", "Club", "E-Club", "Rock Club", etc.

  • When a viewer creates an account (using the member registration form) on your website, the members homepage is the page they are taken to directly after logging in to their account.

  • Any sub-pages added to the members page will be password-protected, requiring the user to login before viewing the content on the sub-page.

Building a Photo Contest for Members Only

  • Click "Tools"

  • Click "Photo Gallery"

  • Type the name of your photo gallery and click "Add Gallery"

  • Optional: Click the gear icon next to the gallery name to temporarily "Hide" the gallery from the public.

Step 2 - Create a custom form

For details on how to create a custom form, you can check out our article here:

Step 3 - Add a sub-page under "Menu & Pages" > "Members/VIP" area.

Optional: (the same sub-page can also be placed under other areas using menu links)

Step 4 - Edit the new sub-page

Optional: Adding the password-protected page under another menu link

  • Go to Menu & Pages > Menu Links

  • Fill out the "Add a Menu Link to an Internal Page" fields

  • Select to have it be placed under another menu item / tab.

Note: Use this tool if you don't want the page to be shown under the "E-Club / Members" page, or if you want the page to be linked under more than one tab.

For details on how to use the Menu Links tool, you can check out our article here:

Learn how to use the E-Club section under the Menu and Pages tab of our content management system in this overview video:

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