E-Club / Member Pages

     Your "Members" page may be under a different name such as "Members", "Club",
, "Rock Club", etc. 

     When a viewer creates an account (using the member registration form) on your
     website, the members homepage is the page they are taken to directly after
     logging in to their account. 

     Any sub-pages added to the members item will be password protected, requiring
     the user to login before viewing the content on the sub-page. 

Building a Photo Contest for Members Only

     Step 1 - Create a photo gallery

          Click "Tools"

          Click "Photo Gallery"

          Type the name of your photo gallery

          Click "Add Gallery"

          Optional: Click the gear icon next to the gallery name to temporarily "Hide" the
          gallery from the public.

     Step 2 - Create a custom form

     Step 3 - Edit the new custom form

     Step 4 - Add a sub-page under "Menu & Pages" > "Members/VIP" area.

          Optional: (the same sub-page can also be placed under other areas using menu

     Step 5 - Edit the new sub-page

     Optional: Adding the password-protected page under another menu link

          Go to menu links and fill out the "Add a Menu Link" to an internal page and
          select to have it placed under another menu item, if you don't want it to be
          shown under the "Members" page.

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