Notification preferences allow you to select which events you want to be notified of in Everperform, either in-app or by email.

Below are the events you can choose to be notified of when they happen, split into two categories, events for yourself, and events for people you manage:

Events for yourself:

  • Receive a new pulse

  • Receive an observation

  • Assigned a new measure

  • Assigned a new goal

  • Have a report shared with you

  • Someone completes a pulse you sent

Events for people you manage:

  • Completes a pulse you didn't send (only Self-Review, high-transparency pulses)

  • Assigned a goal

  • Assigned a measure

Updating your notification preferences:

You can update your notification preferences in your Account Settings under Notifications. Select which events you want to receive notifications for either by email or an in-app notification from the list by checking the box next to the event.

If you want to receive an email for certain events, but in-app notifications for others, you can simply uncheck/check the events under each section, Email Notifications and In-app Notifications.

Enabling desktop notifications:

You can enable desktop notifications for every event you have checked in your notification preferences by selecting Enable Desktop Notifications. If this is checked, you'll receive a desktop notification when an event you've checked occurs.

If you work in multiple browsers, you will need to enable desktop notifications for each browser you want to receive notifications for, as desktop notifications are built into the browser.

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