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Set-up Activity based KPIs & targets to engage & motivate your team

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Every sales role has certain activities that should be performed to ensure you retain & win more business, these key performance indicators can be captured & measured directly in Exsalerate. 

Click: Menu>Settings(headline text)>Example Role Mapping

Assign your sales team roles (you can have as many roles as you need) each role gets assigned relevant KPI's and to meet these 1 or more activities should be performed. 

By setting up Activity-based KPIs the sales team is measured by the data they put into Exsalerate and can be rewarded for performance. 

Roles have nothing to do with user permissions or access levels, they are purely for you to set activity-based targets for each team member.

Click: Roles>Enter Roles>Click Save

If you require more Roles click Add New 

Customise your activities to suit your sales process & account management functions

Click: Activities>Enter Details>Save 

Each Activity gets mapped to an Activity Category, the category determines the action that Exsalerate will take when the Activity is used. 

There are 6 Activity Categories;

  • Phone Call - displays a phone icon on the to-do list and enables the user to make a call from the mobile app. 

  • Email - Email activities are captured via our integration with Gmail or Outlook 365 download the add-in and when corresponding with a new lead or existing client you'll be prompted to classify the type of email activity - new business, follow-up email, etc.

  • Meeting - Exsalerate will send a meeting request to all meeting attendees (including internal staff if selected) any meeting request declines/acceptances will be sent to the meeting organisers inbox. 

  • Follow-up - this won’t send any data externally and is used for any activity that doesn’t require a phone call from the mobile app

  • WorkflowMax job - this will send a job to WFM and assign it to the correct template and team members note this is only available for WFM users. 

  • Email Campaign - this is used for email campaigns sent from MailChimp, it will create an activity against each contact's company profile when you send a campaign so you can see who’s opened the campaign and when it was sent. 

  • Other - this will not send data anywhere else and can be used for other activities that do not fit the above. 

This is where you can specify the Key Performance Indicators, you can have as many as required. 

Click: Activities>Enter Details>Save 

  • Click add new if you need more KPI's 

Link each KPI to the various roles within your team. 

Click: KPI's to Roles>Choose KPI & Map to Role>Save

  • Click add new if you require more KPI to Roles

Link KPIs to activities that need to be performed to fulfill the expectations of the role.

Click: KPI's to Activity>Choose KPI & Map to Activity>Save

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