Edit your Exsalerate account in bulk with the bulk data download/upload tool

Download your company data in a CSV file and edit the following fields:

Company Name
• Phase
• Lead Source
• Competitors
• Lost Reason
• Estimated Spend
• Type/Industry
• Region
• Company Email
• Company Notes
• Account Manager
• Sales Rep
• Branch
• Rank

Check out this video:

NOTE: Once you've downloaded your data we strongly recommend you keep a copy of the original file in case you make a mistake

To access your bulk data file please see below:

Download the CSV file

An example of the bulk data download file:

Note: Please don't change any of the columns or formatting of the file or Exsalerate will not recognize it on uploading

When you're finished editing drag and drop your CSV (comma-separated value format) file back into the window. A tick will appear if the upload is successful.

If you wish to upload new companies or new contacts in bulk please refer to contact upload and company upload help docs

Please reach out on the chat if you have any problems with this and we will assist you

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