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WorkflowMax & Exsalerate Integration
WorkflowMax & Exsalerate Integration

An overview of the data that's shared/updated via the integration

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Data will automatically sync between the two platforms every 5 minutes

When you first connect (click here for how) WorkflowMax and Exsalerate we import the following data:

  1. All Clients (companies/organisations)

  2. All Contacts (individual people associated with the company/organisation) *After initial import always add/delete new contacts/companies from Exsalerate 1st as the WFM API does not allow adding of new contacts etc from WFM back to Exsalerate 

  3. Links to all jobs (saved against the company profile in Exsalerate)

  4. Addresses

  5. Phone/Fax numbers

  6. Website Addresses

  7. Customer industry 

  8. Leads (if you've been using Lead Manager)

  9. Activities from Lead Manager

  10. Estimated Value from Lead Manager

  11. Account Manager for leads & clients. 

  12. Quotes issued to clients

The integration between the two platforms leads from Exsalerate back to Workflow Max in other words when adding contacts /companies or deleting(archiving) contacts etc always do this in Exsalerate FIRST to ensure the information flows through to WFM.

Push updates instantly from Exsalerate to WFM by clicking the WorkFlowMax button at the top right of the company dashboard

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