Create WFM jobs, import quotes and sync contacts between Exsalerate and WFM. 

  • Opportunities (quotes) are added to your Exsalerate sales pipeline and client dashboard when you issue a quote from WFM so you are reminded to follow up on the business.

When you wish to issue a quote simply add the client to WFM by clicking the MAX icon it will turn from orange to green

  • Add Contacts to WFM from Exsalerate with a click - **After the initial upload always add contacts to Exsalerate 'first' due to the WFM API.

  • Push Updates Instantly from Exsalerate to WFM with a click of the WFM icon or data automatically updates between the two platforms every 5 - 15 mins. 

  • Create a WFM Job in Exsalerate (Add Activity) using WFM templates

  • Exsalerate provides a direct link on the Exsalerate client dashboard to all jobs, quotes and notes.

  • Client Information Updates including addresses, phone numbers, website addresses, customer industry, account manager for leads & clients can be pushed to WFM with the click of a button. 

  • If you use Lead Manager all leads from WFM will be imported on the initial upload, it is NOT ADVISABLE to use lead manager after connecting the two platforms. 

Trouble Shooting: 

A WFM quote has not appeared in the sales pipeline: 

  • Ensure you do not have lead manager on 

  • Check the Settings in your WFM integration page as to the phase you have chosen Quotes to present in 

  • Re-import WFM customers

  • Toggle filters within your sales pipeline to ensure all phases are present. 

  • Contact us on chat 

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