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WorkflowMax Jobs and Quotes
WorkflowMax Jobs and Quotes

Create jobs, import quotes, sync contacts and companies

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WorkflowMax and Exsalerate Integration Points

To connect WorkflowMax to Exsalerate click here data will sync every 5 minutes

WorkflowMax Jobs

Close a deal in Exsalerate CRM, then add the client to WorkflowMax, create a job, assign an account manager, choose the correct template and click To Do

Add client to WorkflowMax:

Add to WorkflowMax

Add WorkflowMax job:

Ads WorkflowMax Job

Choose a WFM template, assign an account manager and click todo:

Choose WorkflowMax template

An activity appears in the Exsalerate Todo list and is recorded on the main dashboard

WorkflowMax job activity

A job is created in WorkflowMax

A direct link to the WorkflowMax job is provided in the Exsalerate client dashboard

WorkflowMax job link

WorkflowMax Quotes

WorkflowMax quotes can be sent directly to your Exsalerate sales pipeline as an opportunity with an activity to follow up

Turn this on via the settings menu

WorkflowMax quotes to opportunities

Ensure the client is connected to WFM by clicking the icon in the top right corner

Create and issue the quote in WFM it appears in the Exsalerate sales pipeline and the opportunity pipeline within the client dashboard

WorkflowMax quote

The value of the opportunity (quote issued) is represented with a red exclamation mark to prompt you to create an activity to follow up


Once you have connected WFM and uploaded your existing WFM customers always add contacts to Exsalerate 'first' which will then be synched back to WFM

If you wish to update contact information instantly to WFM simply click the WFM icon

If you use Lead Manager all leads from WFM will be imported on the initial upload, it is NOT ADVISABLE to use lead manager after connecting the two platforms.ย 


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