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Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators

The actions or inputs that occur before a sales is closed

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By setting up Activity Based Key Performace Indicators the sales team is measured by the data they put into Exsalerate and can be rewarded for performance.

KPIs are an important way to ensure your teams are supporting the overall goals of the company:

Here are some examples:

  • Calls โ€“ arguably the most popular activity-based KPI. The number of calls a rep has with leads/prospects or even customers daily, weekly, or monthly

  • Emails โ€“ Same as calls, the number of emails a rep sends out can often indicate sales performance or a lack thereof.

  • Meetings Booked & Run โ€“ There should be specific meetings happening at each stage of the sales process. Tracking these activities enables you to understand the velocity of your sales pipeline

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