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BCC Email Integration
BCC Email Integration

Not on Outlook or Gmail ? Just use our BCC function

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Always know what you last said to clients by BCC'ing all your correspondence to your unique Exsalerate email address from your inbox or forwarding old emails via BCC.

* Please note when forwarding old emails via BCC to Exsalerate leave the 'To' section blank.

Exsalerate will match every email you send (To) against the Contacts email address saved in Exsalerate and then auto-file it against the Company Profile.

If the email does not exist or there is a typo, it will divert to your Exsalerate Inbox for you to manually file later (please see below how to access and file these emails)

If you forward emails directly to Exsalerate then it will not match the email address to the contact, you will need to go to your inbox, find it and file it to the correct profile

If you don't know what your Exsalerate address is please get in touch by chat or email & we can tell you. 

Exsalerate Inbox

If your contact isn't saved click to access it in the Exsalerate Inbox. 

There are four reasons an email will be directed to the inbox;

  1. The contact isn't saved in Exsalerate.

  2. The contact email address is saved against multiple companies.

  3. You've forwarded the email after sending it to your contact. 

  4. There is a typo in the email address you have saved in Exsalerate

Creating a new contact from the inbox

If an email is sitting in your inbox unassigned to a company/profile then you can quickly add the person/contact to the relevant company by clicking the + button (as shown below).

This will open the 'Add Person' window, search for the company & Exsalerate will add the Contact etc to the existing Company profile. 

Exsalerate will scan the rest of your inbox and pull through all the emails relating to this Contact to the Company Profile. 

If the Company doesn't exist you can add the company from here too and they will be added as a New Lead in your pipeline.

Forwarded emails (not BCC'd to Exsalerate at the time of sending)

If you forward an old email to Exsalerate we will not be able to match the Contact.

To assign the email to the right company click on the To address & Search Company Name in the email Activity window, click to pull the email through.

Check out our Gmail or Outlook integration for a more streamlined CRM experience

If you need any help please let us know!

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