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What can I do if my results are not as expected?
What can I do if my results are not as expected?
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You started using FAIRLING and are wondering why your results are not as expected? Here are some things that you can do to improve your results:

1. Optimize the design of your advertisements

In most cases, shops will get to know your brand through the advertisements that you publish. Therefore, it is really important that shops understand all the benefits your products will have right away. Keep in mind that your advertisements are the one shot that you have to get shops familiar with your brand - and that it is therefore crucial to make sure that you work with a convincing design. This includes clearly stating your USP in the text and title, but also working with your best picture material. Keep in mind that shop owners see advertisements from different brands in their newsfeed - and that you want to be that one brand that sticks out by being the most interesting one.

2. Optimize your target group

The best designed advertisement can only perform well if it is seen by the right stores. Therefore, it is really important to make sure that your target group is as good as it can be. Become aware of the shops that you want to reach and the mindset that the shop owners follow. Try to be as precise as possible when defining your target group in the advertisement settings to make efficient use of your credits. Also, it helps to think out of the box to make sure that you have all business opportunities in mind (e.g. Cosmetics can also be sold in Fashion Concept Stores).

3. Move forward in your wholesale funnel

Doing wholesale on a digital trade fair such as FAIRLING follows a typical online wholesale funnel. We often see that the first advertisement(s) are not the most successful ones that a brand publishes. This is due to the fact that shops need to get to know your products with the information you provide - and as typical in wholesale, convincing potential customers takes some time. Make sure that you support shops in making their purchase decision - by providing the right information at the right time.

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