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How can my brand be found by resellers?
How can my brand be found by resellers?
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When your profile is activated, shops can find your brand in the Virtual Trade Fair. Your brand can be found in three ways:

The published advertisements

This section is the personalized newsfeed of the shops. Shop owners can only see your advertisements if they are included in your target group. Keep in mind that the newsfeed itself is different for every shop โ€“ but that the advertisements can become quite similar in the end (e.g. cosmetic shops only see advertisements from cosmetic brands/products).

Your advertisement will therefore be shown next to your direct competitors and it is really important that you stick out in the newsfeed by clearly naming your benefits and USP. Make sure that your advertisement texts are fully convincing - and that you work with your best picture material so that shops fall in love with your products.

The brand search engine

In this section, shops can search actively for fitting brands in our network. They can filter through the following categories:

  • Benefits: Customer Magnet, Image Boost, Must-Have, Insider-Tip, Margin Hero, PR Star, Customers Darling, Upstarter

  • Value: Organic, Fair, Handmade, Vegan, etc.

  • Trending

  • Category/Business Sectors

  • Origin

  • Individual Search

The brand search engine is directly connected to your profile. The categories you select when setting up your profile are also the categories in which you can be found. Therefore, make sure that you are listed in all the relevant lists so that you become visible for relevant stores!

In the Brand Search Engine, shops can see a preview from every brand. This preview includes your first profile image and your subtitle. Make sure that a shop owner โ€“ who has never seen your products before โ€“ clearly understands the uniqueness of your brand through the information you provide. Shops will only visit those kinds of profiles that appear interesting to them โ€“ so make sure that you grab the attention by using your best picture and an informative yet catchy title.

The newsletter

Shops in our network cannot only see your advertisements in their newsfeed - but they also receive a weekly newsletter via mail including all the advertisements which were targeted to them. The newsletter is sent out every Tuesday Morning at 10 am CET. Your published advertisement will be featured automatically in the next newsletter that is sent out.

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