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What needs to be included in a wholesale catalogue?
What needs to be included in a wholesale catalogue?
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The product catalogue is the document you offer to shop owners when they are interested in your brand. In it, potential customers will not only find more detailed information about your products and conditions. Through your product catalogue, you also give shop owners the opportunity to take a closer look at your product range and your brand at a later date in the future.

For this reason, it is very important that your catalogue is a convincing and visually appealing document. Remember that a potential customer's buying experience with you starts with looking through your catalogue - and that you want to present professionalism. To help you design your catalogue, we have created a small template for your first wholesale catalogue. You can easily request and revise this template from our support team.

Below you will also find a summary of the parts that a good product catalogue should contain:

  • Include at least one page in the catalogue that refers to relevant information about your brand and your team. In particular, show what the benefits and special features of your brand are (e.g. sustainability, quality, design, etc.) and why a shop should choose you. This way you can anchor the branding of your brand and give the shop more input to remember you later.

  • Especially with a smaller brand, the founder story or the mission of your brand can also be very interesting for the shop owner to give the brand some context.

  • The core of your catalogue should be your products. Use high-quality images in which your products can really shine and in which your products are clearly visible. If there are important details in your products (e.g. engravings, labels), show these too if they make your product special. You should also include all relevant information about your products (e.g. colour, sizes). A small product description helps you to clearly point out the advantages of your products and particular features.

  • Show both your wholesale and retail prices to show the shops the respective profit margin. If in doubt, the article How do I define my wholesale price and my recommended retail price? can be helpful when setting your prices.

  • Create a section in your catalogue with general shipping and order conditions to answer initial questions shops may have about working with you. More detailed information on defining your terms can be found here. Ideally, at least these questions should be answered in your catalogue:

    • How much will shipping cost?

    • Who will pay the shipping costs?

    • Is there a certain order quantity above which shipping is free?

    • Are the products ready to ship?

    • How long will shipping take?

    • Do wholesale prices differ depending on the order quantity?

    • Are there any discounts?

    • How is payment handled?

  • Invite the shop owners at the end of the catalogue with a nice and authentic call-to-action (e.g. "We look forward to hearing from you!") to contact you with specific questions/concerns. Providing contact details can also help to add a personal touch.

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