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How can I put "Bundles Page" on the main menu?
How can I put "Bundles Page" on the main menu?

Placing the Bundles Page on the main menu of the shop.

Updated over a week ago

When you install the app and start creating bundle offers, we will create the Offers (Bundles) page for you automatically.Its link is probably:

{your website address}/pages/bundles

If you want to add the page to the main menu of your shop, you should go to the navigation panel (red frame below) in your Shopify admin panel and add it to the main menu ( yellow frame below) like the other pages.

Again click in the "Link" field and choose the Bundles page (red frame below). (page's name may differ in your case)

This video also can be helpful and teach you how you can out the bundles page on the main menu.

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