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What is the Bundles Page in bundle displays?
What is the Bundles Page in bundle displays?

Explaining what the Bundles page is, a page created by Fast Bundle to showcase all your bundles.

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The Bundles Page is a page created by Fast Bundle that gives you the ability to show all of your bundle offers (those created by Fast Bundle) to your customers on a single page. It’s a useful feature to make sure that customers see all the bundle offers you have created.

Don't let any of your bundles be missed

A significant number of our clients create more than 10 different bundle offers like Volume Discounts, Simple Bundles, Mix and match, etc., and this means that there's a potentiality to present "a gallery of bundles" for their customers.

Why do we recommend you promote the Bundles page?

  • To assure your customers that they have seen all the bundles and they've not missed any of them.

  • To give your customers the opportunity to compare different offers and make a better decision

It's great for email marketing

Many of our customers have promoted the Offers page via email marketing. If you're running a campaign full of bundles, you can easily talk about the campaign in an email and lead the traffic directly to the bundles' page to avoid distractions caused by excess and useless activities in your shop.

Caution: Be aware of the paradox of choice

When you provide a lot of choices for your customers, they may get confused and the decision-making process will get frustrating. This confusion may increase significantly on the Bundles page when the Bundles are too much and close in comparison to each other. To avoid this, you can decide to show only some of your bundles.

You can decide which bundles are shown on the Bundles Page

Instead of showing all your bundles, you can show only the ones you want the customer to see. You can find how to do this in this article:

OK, what's the next step?

The Bundles page is created and activated for you at the beginning of using the app. The only thing that you must do is to promote it in either your main menu, homepage banner, social media, email marketing, etc.

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