You can add users to your Feedbackly organization if you have Admin rights to your team.

1. User management is handled from the "Settings" tab on the left hand side management panel

2. After going to the "Settings" page choose the "User Management" tab, here you can view your organization structure, find a list of the users in your organization and invite new and existing users to teams

3. When adding a new user to your team click on the + icon after the name of the team. As an example; in this screen shot below if I would like to invite a user that would have the rights to all the Feedbackly EX & CX Demo teams then I would click on the + icon after that name

When again if I would like to invite a user to the Team 1, I would click on the + icon after that name.

4. A pop up window will let you add the email address of the new user and user role (admin, editor or viewer)

4. Click "Next" when you have added the email address and the user role, and you will be allowed to enter a personalised message for the invitee. Click "Submit" when you are all done and the invite will be sent by email

Note: All invites will be pending until the user has accepted the email invite.
The pending viewer invites can be found by clicking on the View pending invites tab.

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