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Feedbackly users can have three roles; viewer, editor, and admin. The rights of each role are described below.

Viewer: Can view results collected from different touchpoints belonging to the team. Questions can only be viewed.

Editor: The editor has the same rights as the viewer, but the editor can also create touchpoints; links, web widgets, email lists, etc. Editor can also create questions and publish them at the touchpoints.

Admin: In addition to editor rights, admins can invite other users to teams and customize their roles. Additionally, admins can modify the organizational structure (but only "down" from the team where they are an admin user).

Note that the admin can also edit user roles and teams even after inviting the user to the organization. You can read more about user management here.

Also note that a user can have different roles in different teams inside the organisation. For example, if an organisation has 4 different sub-teams, a user can be a viewer in one team, and an admin in another.

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