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Adding Feedbackly Surveys into ServiceNow
Adding Feedbackly Surveys into ServiceNow

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The purpose of adding Feedbackly surveys into ServiceNow outbound emails is to automate feedback collection and eliminate the gap between getting one's issue resolved and giving feedback on how the request was handled, thus increasing the feedback data quality. This also gives you higher response rates and eliminates manual work in between.

From a value perspective, using Feedbackly surveys both in ServiceNow and on IT Solution Spot tablets mainly serves two purposes; getting rich data with a variety of survey questions and compatibility between physical Solution Spot locations and digital Service Desk. By using Feedbackly in both touchpoints, you are able to generate comparable data that you can use in one dashboard in the Feedbackly portal.

The business value we’ve seen with our customers using ServiceNow automation to send out Feedbackly surveys has been:

  • Increase in overall Customer Satisfaction

  • Identifying the need for Service Team training

  • Increase in Customer Effort Score (i.e. decreasing the effort customers need to take in the future)

  • Decreased resolution times

  • Alternative ways for customers to get their issues resolved (for instance expanding channels into chats, expanding on self-service knowledge bases, adding video tutorials etc.)

  • Gather data to be used with 3rd party software providers on known issues and the business impact those issues have on your own customer/employee performance

Typical business goals with Feedbackly surveys in ServiceNow ticketing system:

  • Increase first contact resolution

  • Increase resolution rates

  • Identify gaps in processes and untangle silos between Service and Delivery teams

  • Reduce the need for human interaction through alternative channels and self-service tutorials

  • Increase the service and delivery quality of 3rd party service providers

  • Reduce the employee turnover rate in Service teams through training and transparency in issues the customers are contacting them, thus increasing motivation and the sense the Service teams are being listened to

The implementation process

1. Creating the survey together with the Feedbackly Customer Success Manager (same process as with the IT Solution Spot survey)

  • identify business goals of the survey/data (what purpose does it serve)

  • Identify best KPI’s to suit the business goals purpose

  • Decide on survey structure and content

2. Deciding on what metadata to enrich the feedback with

  • In opposite to Solution Spot surveys, enriching feedback with information with tokens from ServiceNow gives higher data quality and can help to identify similarities and differences between different variables

  • Best practices will be shared from Feedbackly

Example of personalization tokens that can be added to the feedback:

userID (the ID of the ticket requestee)

userName (name of the ticket requestee)

ticketID (ID of the ticket)

Priority (priority level of the ticket set by the service team)

AssignmentGroup (the type/group of the ticket)

AgentID (the rep who is taking care of the ticket)

ResolutionTime (timestamp from contact to resolution)

  • Enriching the feedback will give a more valuable way of comparing the performance and customer experience metrics between different variables

Example of compatibility between Assignment groups with Feedbackly NPS data automated from ServiceNow

3. Launch the survey in a Feedbackly survey link touchpoint

How the survey is set up in ServiceNow

1. Create an own e-mail template to ServiceNow with the look and feel of MSD

  • Include details of the ticket

  • Add a call to action on giving feedback

  • A couple of examples on how it can be done

    • Add a button to the template that opens the survey in a separate browser tab - video here

    • Add the survey into a simple string of text such as “At Feedbackly, we want to make customer experience management software that people love. It would be really helpful if you took 10 seconds to answer our (super short) survey about our customer support, so that we can keep improving. Click here to start the survey.” ← clicking the hyperlink opens up the survey

  • Documentation on email templates in ServiceNow to get started (rich HTML editor need to be enabled to make the personalization work)

2. Include the personalization token variables as strings after the Feedbackly survey link

  • General Structure will be:${VARIABLE_NAME1}

  • For example${};userName:${};etc.
    ( and variables might be named differently in your serviceNow)

  • "Personalization Tokens" are named as "variables" in ServiceNow

  • Variables can be found as a list in the left menu of Rich Html Editor

3. Select triggers

  • For instance when ticket is resolved, send this email to the user email address

  • Add rules for excluding certain receivers of the survey

    • Specific email domains

    • Frequency - don’t send another survey if <24 hours from the previous one

    • Etc.

We at Feedbackly are happy to assist you along the implementation process and help you with testing the set-up before going live. Contact us at

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