You need two things in order to collect feedback; a published survey and a touchpoint. The touchpoint is the "channel" or "tool" where your survey will be live and through which your respondents will give feedback.

There are different types of touchpoints you can use, depending on what way you would like to collect responses. So, when deciding on what touchpoints to use you should always think about where is it that you have contact with your customers:

Website Popup: If you have an e-com store this is certainly the best touchpoint for you to use. You can choose where on your site you like the survey to show, and also choose if you like to have it as a pop-over, a corner window or a embedded survey. The response amounts are usually high so with a website survey you are likely to collect a good amount of responses.

Link/QR-code: Link/QR-code is suitable and easy to use by adding them to anywhere you can think of and share freely. Using these are optimal if you don't want to implement any coding, When a user clicks on your link or scans the QR-code, it will take them directly to your survey. Try out the link and QR-code below to answer a test survey:

SMS campaign: If you have a list of phone number contacts, that you contact for example after purchase you can create a SMS campaign and send out the survey that way. You are able to customise the content of your message to make it personalised.

Email campaign: Very suitable if you have a list of email contacts that you have collected for example from purchases or customers that have contacted your customer service. You can customise your email content and the firs question of the survey will be embedded in the email after which the survey will open in a new window.

Terminal/iPad: If you have a brick and mortar store or other location where your customers visit then a Feedbackly terminal or your own iPad is a good way to go.

You can find more information on setting up your own feedback terminal here, the setup is easy and only takes a few minutes or ask us for a quote.

Note that you can use one or many touchpoints depending on your need and use case. If you chose to only use one touchpoint you can still have as many surveys as needed, by changing the survey you have activated. In other words, you can have one survey activated in one touchpoint at a time, and then change between surveys always when needed.

The optimal way to make sure you cover all areas of where you are in contact with your customer is creating a customer journey, where you have multiple touchpoints and surveys. Read more about customer journeys here.

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