Expanded Survey Font Library
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With the new product update we've also expanded the Survey Font Library to make it even easier for you to customize surveys according to your branding! Let us show you how you can edit the font either for individual touchpoints or for your whole organisation.

Changing the font for an individual touchpoint

When you need to change the font only for some touchpoints, navigate to Touchpoints and select the touchpoint you want to customize.

Click Edit visual appearance at the bottom of the page.

Here you'll need to check the Enabled box to see the customisation options. You'll find the old familiar fonts here as well as new ones to choose from!

Remember to save your changes!

Changing the font for your organisation

When you want your whole organisation's surveys to be aligned, you can customise the visual appearance of all your surveys.

Navigate to Settings and on to Survey appearance and click Enabled under Custom survey appearance.

Choose your preferred font from the expanded library and remember to save your changes! Now all new surveys created in your organisation will have this visual appearance. Note that you need to manually change the ones that were created before this.

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