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Fieldwork Dashboard and Settings - getting started
Fieldwork Dashboard and Settings - getting started

How to maneuver around the Fieldwork browser

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We recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser while using Fieldwork.


The Dashboard gives you a high level view of the business side to your business.

Key Points

  • Must have Administrator role to see the Dashboard

  • Select the Widgets you want to see or hide

  • The Navigation bar takes you to specific areas and Settings


Administrators will see the Dashboard after logging in to Fieldwork. Click the Widgets button to toggle show/hide which Widgets you want to view in your Dashboard.

Here you can see a snapshot of income, sales, accounts receivable, estimates, stats, marketing, recent activities, missed appointments, overdue Invoices, Tasks and Service Agreements.

For missed appointments and overdue Invoices view the entire list by clicking the View List button in the upper-right corner of each.

Navigation bar

The way you get around Fieldwork is mostly done from the Navigation bar. The Navigation bar runs along the top of the browser. Users with rights other then 'Admin' will not have access to all. Here you will have menu shortcuts for: 

  • Dashboard

  • Customers

  • Calendar

  • Sales-Renewal Notice

  • Sales-Agreements

  • Sales-Estimates

  • Sales-Work Orders

  • Sales-Invoices

  • Sales-Payments

  • Sales-Statements

  • Sales-Tasks

  • Marketing

  • Reports

  • Search

  • Branch

  • Settings

  • Inbox

  • Event Alerts

  • Release Notes

  • Log out

Also watch this Dashboard overview video.


To manage Fieldwork you will go through the Settings. This is where you will set up everything to get the system to run the way you want it to run. To access the Settings, click the little Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard.

A drop-down list of settings appears. Settings are arranged in four areas: Company Setup, Pest & Material Settings, Device & Trap Settings, and Unit Settings, which is available in the Pro Plan only.

Each of these settings is discussed later in this guide.

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