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When does the customer pay?

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The Billing Terms are the payment terms you give to a customer. When does the customer pay, in 15 days, in 30 days, upon completion? The terms can be set by you as a business, where you set the billing term for all your customers. Or set the terms on a customer-by-customer basis based on the customer’s credit standing with you.

Key Points

  • Create the billing term

  • Enter the number of days before the invoice is considered overdue

  • Decide if this is the default term for each new customer

  • Choose the Billing Terms in the customer's location page

To create a new billing term, go to Settings/Billing Terms and click the New Billing Term button in the upper right.

Billing term name

Enter the name for the billing term. By default we provide the following terms:

  • Credit Card On File

  • Net 15

  • Net 30

  • On Completion


Enter the number of days for this billing term.

Is default?

When you select [x] Is default, this will be the billing term set for new customers. You can change it in the customer’s Billing page when you’re creating a customer’s account.

You can choose the Billing Terms in the customer's location page.

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