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Settings - Customer Portal - 1 of 2

Configure the Customer Portal for customers to view their account and pay online

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The Customer Portal allows customers to view their invoice/service history, trend reports, pay their balance due, submit pest sightings, and view your SDS and material labels, and licenses.

Key Points

Use the following areas to set up your side of the Customer Portal:

  • Settings/Customer Information

  • Settings/Customer Portal

  • Settings/Account Documents

  • Settings/Materials

  • Customer Account/Notes tab

  • Customer Account/Billing Page

Customers can access the portal in two ways:

  1. When your invoices are emailed there will be an instruction for the customer to go to the customer portal by clicking the HERE button in the email. The customer does not have to log in.

  2. The customer can type your URL in the browser address bar. The customer needs the email address you have for their account and they need their account number or location number.

Your customers can then upload their credit card information and pay invoices with the credit card or with their PayPal account.

Customer Information

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup click Customer Information

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Customer Portal

  4. In the Credit card portal message enter authorization text that tells the customer they authorize you to charge their credit for any unpaid/overdue invoices.**

  5. If you have a PayPal merchant account enter your ID.

  6. Log in to your PayPal account and follow the instructions to set http://< as your IPN (Instant Payment Notification) url in your PayPal account settings; otherwise, invoices will not be updated

  7. Click Save

** You can use the sample text below:

I understand that by entering my credit card on-file, I authorize <Your Company> to charge the credit card for unpaid or overdue invoices and future regularly scheduled services. Charges will not exceed the amount indicated on each service invoice and a receipt for each payment will be emailed to me as confirmation. Furthermore, I understand that the charges will appear on my statement as a "Pest Control" charge in the description.
I understand that I can remove my credit card from my account at anytime and I have been informed that the credit card information is stored safely and securely in a PCI compliant data server.


Customer Portal

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup click Customer Portal

  • Turn portal on or off - Self explanatory

  • Set your portal domain name - Pick a name that coincides with your business name (letters must be lower case)

  • Display SDS Sheets in Portal - Allow customers to view your Safety Data Sheets and labels

  • Hide upcoming service list - Do not allow customers to view and confirm upcoming appointments
    ​Note If [ ] Allow customers to confirm appointments is cleared in Settings/Appointment Reminders, and [ ] Hide upcoming service list is also cleared, customers can confirm appointments. If you do not want customers to confirm appointments put a check mark in [X] Hide upcoming service list.

Set the background image, colors, and login page message

  • Choose background - Upload a background image or use any of the 4 provided

  • Background Image button - Click Custom and then click Background Image to upload your own image

  • Color overlay - The background color of the portal pages

  • Overlay opacity - How transparent the overlay is: 0 is see-through, 100 is not

  • Login page message - Add text describing what the customer will see

  • Default text color - Make sure the color you pick can be seen with your background image

Tip If you use a credit card service other than Stripe you can put the link to it in the Login page message.

Expect to spend some time playing with these color settings.

Selecting a color is the same as selecting a color for Custom Statuses in Calendar & Settings, click the box to the right of header color and click your mouse in the right side of the color spectrum where the color matches your company color; then click the left side to zero in on a specific color.

If you want to get very specific with the color you can type in the Hex color code. This is a 6-alphanumeric code that maps out to specific colors. For a list of the Hex color code and its color, see Hex color codes.

The remaining portion for Customer Portal settings addresses the color schemes for each area in the portal. This is automated based on your color selection in settings/company information. You can manually change it, if you want.

  • Navigation color - Dashboard color

  • Sub-Navigation color - Area under the Dashboard

  • Navigation 'hover' color - Highlights the menu item when the mouse is over it, it's also the selected menu item color

  • Buttons' color - Sign in, Confirm, View & Pay buttons, etc.

  • Default footer color - Bottom of the page where your company address is

Note Keep these colors on the softer, lighter side, it's easier on the eyes.

It's a good idea to coordinate your color scheme using similar colors:

You don't want a variety of colors that don't go well together. Customers won't want to stay there long and they definitely will not go online again to pay their bills.

Account Documents

Upload your Business License, Applicator's License, Certificates of Insurance, Contact Information, Service Protocols, Marketing documents so your customers can see these on your portal.**

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Company Setup click Account Documents

  3. Click the Upload New Document button

  4. Type in the document name, such as Business License or Applicator's License

  5. Select the document type, either Business License or Applicator's License**

  6. Click the Choose File button, find the file and click Open

  7. Click the Create Account Document button

  8. Repeat with the other document

**If uploading anything but a Business or Applicator's License do not select the document type.


Upload the SDS and Material Labels so your customers can download them.

  1. Click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner

  2. Under Pest & Material Settings, click Materials

  3. Click a material to edit it

  4. At the bottom of the text box list add the SDS Sheet and Label

  5. Click the Upgrade Material button

Customer Account, Notes tab

Attach documents to a note for the customer to view online. If two different people are in the account (billing and location) you can separate the notes based on the role of the person viewing the portal.

From the billing page attach a note for the person who pays the invoices.
From the location page attach a note for the person who receives work orders.

Customer Account, Billing Page

Allow the customer to post pest sightings on the portal.

The bell in the upper-right corner of your browser indicates, with a number, when a pest sighting has been submitted. Click the bell and a drop-down list appears showing the pest, the customer, the date and time. Click the entry and the customer's account page appears with the Pest Sightings tab open.

Pay attention to the bell!

Pest Sighting is available in our Business and Pro subscription plans.

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