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Manage your monthly subscription to Fieldwork

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To sign up for Fieldwork, verify, or change your subscription, go to Settings/Billing & Subscription. Your subscription is monthly based and it renews automatically. As you add, deactivate or remove techs your subscription will adjust accordingly. 

Key Points

  • This page shows how much you’re paying per month and your renewal date

  • You can also change your plan

The top of the page will show how much you’re paying per month and your renewal date. If you have Texting as part of your plan the amount for that will appear under the total. In the example below, assuming no more texts are sent, the total charge for the month will be $306.36.

You can also change your plan on this page. For example, if you find you need to start scanning bar codes and your plan doesn’t include it, find the plan you want and click the Select button and then click Save. The system will automatically update. Your techs will need to log out of the mobile app and log back in to see the new plan features.

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