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How to increase a price for one-time Work Orders, a Work Order series, or a mass price increase by service type

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You might be considering a price increase at a specific time, such as starting with the new year. Increase the service and material prices for new Work Orders at Settings/Services or Settings/Materials.

Key Points

  • Increasing the price in your one-time services

  • Increasing the price in a work order series

  • Mass Price Increase by service type

Increasing the price in your one-time services

Increasing the price of your one-time services can be done by updating each service in your Company Settings > Services List. When you're ready to implement the new price go to Settings/Services or Settings/Materials and make the changes there. 

Newly created Work Orders will have the new price. Existing Work Orders with the original price will maintain that old price, they will not be updated by this change.

Increasing the price for an existing work order series

If you want to increase a price for one work order series you can do it one of two ways:

Edit the series and update the price at the time the increase takes place.


End the current series on or a day after the date that the original price expires. Create a new work order series for the customer that begins at the time of the new price increase.

Increasing the price for all existing work orders by service type

Increasing the price of all of your existing work order series can be done by service type in the Sales > Work Orders page. This Mass Price Increase tool is currently limited to work orders with a billing frequency of "For Every Work Order".

If you would like to update pricing for a work order series that has a billing frequency of Monthly, Annual, etc, please refer to the instructions for Increasing the price for an existing work order series.

To implement your mass price increase, go to Sales > Work Orders and select a future date range and a service type in the filters on the left side of the page (you can also use customer name filters, etc to narrow the list down further, but at a minimum the service type and date range must be selected for this tool); click FILTER at the bottom left-side of the page.

Select all by checking the top box near the word: STATUS or select specific rows to increase pricing for specific work order series.

Click the Price Update button at the the top of the page.

In the Price Update window, select the price option: Equal to; Greater than; or Less than and then enter the current price to update.

Then, select the price change option: Increase price by; Decrease price by; or Change price to and enter the amount that correlates to the selection.

If you would like the Production Value to match the new updated price, check the box to: Update production value to match new pricing

Click Apply Update to complete.

Please note:

Price updates will be applied to All future work orders as of the selected work order's date that meet your filtered criteria. Work orders dated before the selected work order date will not be updated.

  • Updates are currently limited to selected work orders with a billing frequency of "For every work order".

  • Repeat pricing update for all pages of your filtered criteria. Pricing update is limited to one page.

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