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Series - how to restore a Cancelled series
Series - how to restore a Cancelled series

Restore a series of Work Orders

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Note Work Orders that are part of a deleted Service Agreement cannot be recovered.


If you've cancelled a Series you can restore it back into the customer's account.

Key Points

  • Go to the Work Orders Archive

  • Filter the date range and customer name, and click Filter

  • Select the Work Orders to restore

  • Click Bulk Actions and click Restore

  • Edit the Series from the Work Orders tab

  • Click Update Series

  • Work orders older the 90-days can not be recovered.

  1. From the Dashboard, click Sales

  2. Click Work Orders next to the folder in the upper left

  3. Click Archived

  4. Filter the Start Date to today's date

  5. Filter the End Date to one year from today (this is to recover all the Work Orders)

  6. Enter the Customer's name

  7. Click Filter

  8. When the Work Orders appear, click the box to the left of each Work Order

  9. Click Bulk Actions

  10. Click Restore

  11. Repeat until all the Work Orders are restored

  12. From the Dashboard, click Calendar

  13. The appointment will be back on the calendar, double click it

  14. Click Edit Series

  15. Click Update Series

For more information about deleting a Series, see: Series - how to delete the whole thing

For more information about Work Orders, in general, see: Sales > Work Orders

May 2017
Updated, November 2017

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