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Choose the payment methods you want to use

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Configure the Payment Methods available to the methods you actually use. Hide the ones you don't use to keep your employees from using a non-existent payment method, which may keep you from getting paid.

Key Points

  • Edit the Payment Methods page

  • Hide the payment methods you don't use

To manually make a payment in a customer's account, click the Create a new... button and select Payment. Chances are you don't offer every payment method available in the Payment Method drop-down list.

To choose the payment methods you want to use:

  1. Click the Settings Gear icon

Choose which payment methods appear in the drop-down list box, or create new ones. You can edit, hide and delete payment methods. However, three payment methods cannot be edited, hidden or deleted.

  • Credit - will appear as a payment method only when the customer has a balance in their account

  • Account Adjustment - will always appear for those times when 1 + 1 does not equal 2

  • PayPal - will appear as a payment method if your Fieldwork account is connected to PayPal

Tip If you have a Stripe account hide the Credit Card payment method so your employees will always select the credit card on file.

Move payments up and down the list by clicking, holding, and dropping the arrows in the Order column to where you want the payments to appear in the drop-down list. Put the most often-used payments at the top of the list. (Credit, Account Adjustment, and PayPal will always be at the bottom of the drop-down list.)

Note On iOS devices the payment methods are listed in alphabetical order.

Payment methods can be hidden or deleted. Hidden payment methods are indicated with the line containing grey text and the word True in the Hidden column. To hide a payment method click the Hide button.

To show a payment method click the Show button.

To delete a payment method click the Garbage Can button.

Changes made to the Payment Method page are automatically reflected in the mobile apps and when making a payment in the online browser.

Click the New Payment Method button in the upper-right corner to create a new payment method. The maximum number of characters for the name is 20. Click the Hidden check box to hide the payment until you're ready to use it, if necessary. 

Note Do not use the word Stripe in your Payment Method because the system will look for a Credit Card to charge. You will receive an error message: Stripe charge. No card to charge from.

To edit the name of a payment method click the Edit button. 

The new name will also carry over to Sales > Payments, PAYMENT METHOD drop-down list.

After hiding or deleting the payment methods you don't want to see, your Payment Method drop-down list might look like this:

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