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Tap Invoice to see the services and materials for the work to be done. 

Key Points

  • Tap +Add to add additional Services and Materials

  • View pricing and discounts

  • Add a Payment such as cash or check

  • Scan a credit card and process the credit card payment

Balance Forward
Shows the amount the customer still needs to pay. You can hide this in Settings/Customers by selecting [x] Hide balance forward from work orders and invoices by default.

Shows the services and materials that were added to the Work Order in the Online Portal. Tap the description to update the price, quantity or to change the service.

Tells you how many. For services it’s usually 1, for materials it should represent how many you’re selling. 

The price is not extended when a quantity of more than one is selected. The total amount reflects the price multiplied by the quantity. You can hide prices from your techs in Settings/Work Orders and selecting [x] Hide invoice information for new Work Orders by default

Are added in the Work Order through the Online Portal as a percentage, they cannot be added in the mobile app. 

To delete a description: in iOS swipe the description to the left and tap Delete. In Android, tap and hold and then tap Delete.

Sometimes a customer wants an additional service when you’re on site or you need to add something that wasn’t originally added in the Work Order. 

  1. To add Line Items, tap + Add

  2. If this is a Service you’re adding, tap the text box under service and then tap the name of the service

  3. If this is a Material or Other item, tap Service and tap Material or Other

  4. Tap Name to access the name of the Service or Material

  5. Tap the number amount, if necessary

  6. Tap the dollar amount to change it, if necessary

  7. Tap Taxable if this is taxable

  8. Tap Save

Pay Now
Collect payment on site in various forms. Tap the red Pay Now at the bottom of the Invoice screen. 

Tap Payment Method and choose the payment the customer is making (cash, check…).

If a portion of the entire amount is being paid, tap the right side of the dollar amount and type in the amount. 

If it’s a check, tap the area to the right of Reference # and type in the check number.

Credit Card Payment

If the customer gives you a credit card you can scan it for payment if you have a Stripe account activated.

Note You must have an internet connection to scan a credit card. To be in compliance with PCI standards credit card information has to be sent directly via SSL is not stored on the device.

Tap Scan New Card at the bottom and scan the card:

Tap in the month and year expiration dates and the CVV number:

Tap Done in the upper-right corner, and the app will connect to Stripe:

And it will tell you that the card was successfully added, at this point:

Tap Save in the upper-right corner:


  1. Save the new card

  2. Tap the payment method in the payment details and select the saved card

Note The mobile app will allow the card to be run through only once for security reasons. If an adjustment is required, log in online and run the card a second time for the balance due.

If the customer has a credit card on file, when you tap Payment Method, the card on file will look something like, VISA EXP 07/19 *9876. You want to tap that to charge that card. Do not select Credit Card as that will not charge the customer’s credit card on file.

Note On iOS the credit card on file is at the top of the Payment Methods list, on Android it's at the bottom. 

Note If a card is declined, Stripe will email the email address you have in Settings/Company Information. When processing the card in the mobile app, it will show a declined message.

Tip You can download Stripe's free app and that will send you a push notification for all successful payments - you can also quickly see all transactions both failed and successful in their app as well.

Also, watch this video for using Stripe in the mobile app.

November 2017

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