Why Fieldwork?

Fieldwork offers robust software and great customer service

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The team at Fieldwork is constantly updating our software to maintain our position as one of the industry leaders in the field service market.

Key Points

  • Superior Customer Service

  • We are market leaders

  • Most of the competition is following us

  • Fieldwork utilizes native apps

  • A robust online system

  • State-of-the-art Security

Customer Support

At Fieldwork we are dedicated to providing you with superior Customer Service. From our staff headquartered in Illinois, we offer: 

  • No contract, your subscription is month to month

  • No sign-up fee

  • No training fee

  • Free phone support

  • Free email support

  • Free messaging support

  • Free 14-day trial with free support

  • Free customer list import

  • Free access to our Help Center

  • Free mobile app that works offline

We are market leaders

  • We were the first native app in the Pest Control industry

  • The first fully offline app

  • The first commercial barcode scanning from a mobile device

  • The first pest control software to sync with QB online

  • The first pest control software with an Open API

  • The first pest control software to integrate with Zapier (and through that integration, Xero + 1000's of other online apps)

Most of the competition is following us

  1. We have an extensive list of reports

  2. Our system is extremely customizable. Lists, reports, dashboards, custom fields are all modifiable by a user.

  3. We offer a wide range of affordable plans allowing new companies to start inexpensively and grow with us

  4. Our support and training is unparalleled

  5. From a feature perspective: we have several comprehensive features that our competitors do not have, such as multi-unit management, task management and marketing features.

  6. Fieldwork in general, is more in-depth and detailed while still being easy to use.

Mobile Apps - Fieldwork Office app

Fieldwork Office is a native app that improves your efficiency in the field and allows for the ability to work offline or without internet service in rural locations or warehouses. Fieldwork Office offers technicians in the field access to PDF forms and service agreements. Fieldwork Office also scans QR or barcodes for device management, create new appointments, create new customers, capture photos for report documentation, and record detailed service related notes, conditions, and recommendations.

Online Systems

Fieldwork’s robust online system gives you an advantage over the competition. The Customer Portal, Custom Fields, Pest Trend Analysis, Mapping / Route Optimization, QuickBooks Online Sync, Reports, Material Use Logs (NYSDEC/PRL & CAPUL), Appointment Confirmations, Work Pool, and access to the Dashboard, which contains detailed information about the status of your company.


Security on our servers includes: 

  • Private Servers/Network hosted in a Tier 3 Data Center

  • Servers are actually locked in cages

  • Managed by approved personnel only 

  • All information is protected via SSL 

  • All web and mobile requests are encrypted

  • Backups are performed twice nightly
    One is a local backup
    One is sent to a 2nd Server (off-site) for redundancy

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