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Fieldwork FAQ

This FAQ provides answers to some of our most common questions

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This article offers answers to some of our most common questions.

How do I see the Work Pool in the mobile app?

Tap the menu (the three horizontal lines) in the upper-left corner.
Tap Work Pool.
More information is available at: Mobile app - menu settings

I upgraded my account, how long before it’s active?

It's instant; however, given the unpredictable speeds/delays of the internet, there can be some lag in the upgrade from time-to-time. 

How do I turn on Stripe?

Go to Settings/CC Payments (Stripe).
Click the link to go to and create an account.
More information is available at: Stripe - how to set up

When my customers pay through the Customer Portal, will it update Fieldwork?

When customers pay through the Customer Portal, the payment is added to the customer's account, which you can see in the Payments tab. 

My Work Pool isn’t showing me next month’s appointments, why not?

By default, the Work Pool is filtered monthly; from the first to the last day of the month. To see next month's Work Pool, click the Work Pool & Missed button in the Calendar. Click Filter List and select your start and end dates, click Filter.

I need to record square footage of the area treated, how can I add this to my report?

In the browser, go to Settings/Work Orders. Put a check in the box [x] Show environment fields and save.

In the mobile app, tap Environment, tap + Add, tap Sq Feet and enter the amount.

How do I add a finance charge to an overdue invoice?

If an invoice is overdue, you can apply a late fee either as a flat rate fee or as a percentage fee.

More information is available at: Overdue Invoice - how to apply a fee

How can I print statements for my past-due accounts?

Go to Sales > Statements.
Click the Generate Statements button.
For overdue invoices, click None Selected next to Invoice Status and select Overdue
Enter your remaining criteria.
Click the Generate and Print button.

Where do I get QR codes to scan for Fieldwork?

Email with the number of sheets you want. They come 30 to a sheet, and currently are $10 a sheet; the price is subject to change at any time.

How much does Fieldwork cost?

Our current pricing is available at Fieldwork/Pricing. It is a monthly subscription. 

There are three subscription levels ranging from the Startup Plan and Business Plan to the Pro Plan, which includes all of our services. Each plan includes a technician, each additional technician is extra. You can have unlimited office personnel using our software at no additional charge. Our mobile app is also free.

For all plans, texting appointment reminders is available for an additional $5 a month plus 3 cents per text. 

Where is your TOC to your Help Center?

The table of contents for our Help Center is at: Fieldwork Help Center 

What's the easiest way to find your YouTube training videos?

See our Help Center article at: Our videos sorted by Fieldwork component 

Do you have a Getting Started Guide?

Yes, our Getting Started Guide is online and starts at: Getting Started Guide to Getting Started 

How do I configure my Customer Portal?

This Help Center article explains each step to set it up: Online Portal - Getting Started Guide 1 of 2

How do my customers use the Customer Portal?

This Help Center article shows you how to explain it to your customers: Online Portal - Getting Started Guide 2 of 2 

Do you have a reporting feature and which report do I use to see something I need?

Currently, we have 19 accounting reports and 26 operations reports. Each report can be imported into a spreadsheet where you can view, sort, and filter the information making these reports extremely robust and manageable. See our Help Center article: Which report do I use to see...

Is it possible to move one customer location to another customer?

Yes, this is very easy to do; however, if there is only one location in the main account a little extra creativity is necessary. See Move a Main Location or set a secondary location as the Main Location

How do I bulk email overdue invoices to my customers?

Go to Sales > Invoices.
Filter your date range.
Under STATUS, click Invoice Status... and select Overdue.
Click Filter.
Click the check box to the left of the Status column header.
Click the Send to Customer button.

How do I change my pricing for services or materials?

Go to Settings/Services and click the Edit button, or
Go to Settings/Materials and click the material.
Update the price and click the Save button.

Which credit card service can I use with Fieldwork? 

Currently we use Stripe, and if you have a business PayPal account, your customers can use that as well.

In the mobile app, what is the difference between refreshing the calendar and reloading data?

When you make changes to a Work Order (add a service or add a PDF file) or move appointments around in the Calendar, refresh the Calendar. 

When you make changes to anything under Settings (Company Setup, Pest & Materials, Device & Traps or Units), reload data

Can I see when and where a technician completed a Work Order on the mobile app?

Yes, when the Work Order is completed in the mobile app we capture the start and end times and the latitude and longitude, which you can copy into your browser's mapping web page.  See our Help Center article: Tech's location and Time - viewing it after the fact.

Can I accept a credit card payment in your mobile app?

Yes. You can scan the card, enter the card number manually, or go through PayPal if you have a business PayPal account.

Can I have the customer sign the service ticket in the mobile app?

Yes. Tap Signatures at the bottom of the mobile app. Tap the Touch to Add box above Customer Signature and hand the device over to the customer who will use a finger to sign it. 

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