Bulk email or print Invoices based on their status, such as Unpaid or Overdue.

Key Points

  • Start at Sales > Invoices

  • Filter the status as Unpaid or Overdue

  • Select the Invoices

  • Email or print the Invoices

  1. From the Dashboard, click Sales

  2. Click Invoices

  3. Enter the appropriate start and end dates

  4. Under Status, click Unpaid

  5. Click Filter

At this point notice the Page 1 of X in the upper-right corner.

   6. Click the check box next to Status
       At this point notice the Page 1 of X in the upper-right corner is gone
   7. Click the Send to Customer or Bulk Print button

  8. If you clicked Send to Customer you'll see the Email delivery in progress dialog  

      Note You won't get an "Are you sure you want to do this" dialog box so you better
      be sure you want to do this because when you click Send to Customer, it sends!

  9. If you clicked Bulk Print, go to your downloads folder, you'll see a Documents.pdf
      file. This is your bulk print.
  10. Open the PDF file and print it to your printer

To go to the next page

  1. Clear the check box to the left of the Status column

  2. Page 1 of X in the upper-right corner returns 

  3. Click the greater-than symbol > to go to the next page

  4. Repeat starting with step 6 above

  Tip If you have duplex printing enabled (printing on both sides of the page), disable
  it to avoid printing two invoices to two different customers on one sheet of paper.

To print or email overdue invoices:
Start with step 4, click Overdue, and proceed through to step 10.

Also see: Invoice Delivery Preference - what it does

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