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Invoices & Payments
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Invoices - Customer has multiple services, wants one invoiceHow to set up one invoice for customers with several locations or recurring services.
Attach Invoice to Work Order email and send it as soon as Work Order is completedEnabling these settings gets you there
Auto InvoicingFor when the Billing Frequency and Service Frequency are split
Auto Pay - keep a Work Order from automatically charging a credit cardIn the Work Order, click the check box Exclude from Auto Pay [x]
Auto Pay Invoices with a Credit Card on fileYou must have a Stripe account to use this feature
Bulk print Invoices and completed Work Orders to customers who want them mailedChange their location name to Mail Paper Invoice
Charged a credit card and Stripe didn't process itMake sure you're charging the card on file
Combine payments to reduce Stripe feesPer transaction charges add up - pay outstanding Invoices with one payment
Consolidated InvoicesCombine multiple Invoices into one
Creating ACH/EFT payments through StripeManually enter the payment into Fieldwork as a debit
Payment date and Closed dateWhat is the difference between the payment date and closed date?
Document templatesStreamline how your Work Orders and Invoices look
Email a paid receiptConfigure your Stripe settings or send a Transaction History
Dashboard Sales & Income Widgets - where those numbers come fromSales are jobs invoiced, Income is money received
Financial hold - what does it do?Financial hold stops Work Orders from being created and takes existing ones off the Calendar
Find Invoices that show $0.00Sales > Invoices click the Total column header
Generating StatementsHow to automate it
Sales > Statements OverviewGenerate Statements for all customers to bulk email or bulk print
​Getting a customer's balance to zero (Part 1 of 3)Deleted invoices
Getting a customer's balance to zero (Part 2 of 3)Activating an inactive account
​Getting a customer's balance to zero (Part 3 of 3)Balance/Unapplied Payments show in an account when there shouldn't be
Initial balance $ - how to use itAnd how to find initial balances for your accounts
Installment plan for customer who falls behind in paymentsHow to create one for someone who has fallen behind on payments
Invoice Delivery Preference - what it doesAnd what it doesn't do
Invoices - bulk emailing and bulk printingIdeal for emailing or printing multi-customer unpaid and overdue invoices
Invoices - can't edit[X] No-charge (Callback) makes it read only
Invoices - changing the due dateCreate a new billing term for the customer
Invoices - changing the price insideHow to change an invoice price after it's been created
Invoices - contains old billing informationEdit the invoice and click the 'refresh' circle
Invoices - creating an annual invoiceHow to create one invoice for a year of service
Invoices - creating a new Invoice for a specific locationCreate a new invoice for a customer with more than one service location
Invoices - emailed but customer has no emailCC: ( carbon copy )
Invoices - hiding the balance forwardHow to have invoices show only the amount due for one service
Invoices - schedule for the pastYes if it's one-time, no if it's recurring
Invoices - one-time charge on the first visit, $0.00 thereafterYou have one of two ways to do that
Invoices - send email once invoice is paidIt's not automatic, but it can be done manually
Invoices - show $0.00Billing and Service frequencies differ
Invoices - sort by service locationFor a single customer
Invoices - system generatedWhat triggers the generation
Invoices - updates pendingThe QuickBooks status for the invoice changed
Invoices - why create one without a Work OrderWhen everything revolves around the Work Order
Late Payment Reminder - turning off for one customerBut I want the reminders sent to everyone else
Manually letting customers know they're overdueSend an invoice or a statement
One-Time Billing Frequency and invoice today (or tomorrow)For an upcoming service, make the Work Order a one-day, one-time series
Paid receipt - how to emailIf it's a Stripe payment, email it from Stripe
Payment frequency - different from service frequencyServices with monthly payments
Payments - automatically apply credit to future work[X] Automatically apply positive credit balance
Payment email notificationsGet notified through Stripe or PayPal
Payment - pay a year in advanceCustomer doesn't want an invoice with each service
Payments - delinquent customer won't payWrite off as bad debt
Payments - how to apply a prepayment without an invoiceUnapplied Payments serves as a credit to the customer's account
Payments - how to make a bulk paymentThat $1,000 check finally came in!
Payments - how to reconcile weekly 'deposits'Techs stop by once a week to give you checks and cash
Payments - incorrectly applied to wrong customerFirst refund the 'wrong' customer
Payments - incorrectly applied, how to fixChange the payment type within the payment
Payments - misapplied credit cardEdit the payment and update Credit Card to the card on file
Payments - viewing one customer's historyThere are three ways to find it
Payments - showing as creditAutomatically apply positive credit balance
QuickBooks - sync doesn't appear to syncThere can be a lag time between the sync and what you see in QuickBooks
Refund a PaymentSteps to provide a refund for credit on account or when the client overpays an invoice.
Removing credit if you sent a check for an over paymentClick Account Adjustment
Sales > Invoices...How to find, print or email invoices
Sales > Payments...How to find, print or email Payments
Set up 2 or more monthly treatments & Invoice just oneCreate two series, bill only one
How to create a Statement or Transaction History for a CustomerCreate a Statement that includes unpaid & overdue invoices OR create a Transaction History that includes all payments & invoices
Statements - managing through Sales > StatementsAnd don't forget the Statements tab in the customer's account page
Stripe - 7-day wait on first chargeThey check your information for accuracy
Stripe & QuickBooks - adding 2-factor authentication securityYou should have this on all your financial transaction sites; banking, 401k, etc.
Stripe - did a payment go throughLook for the stripe reference # in the payment
Stripe - how to set upGo to Settings, CC Payments (Stripe)
Stripe - how to issue a CC refundLog in to and issue the refund there
Stripe Payment Error CodesDeclined Credit Cards: an explanation of Stripe's error codes
Stripe - payment with CC on fileDon't select 'credit card' as the payment method
Stripe - what name is on CC statementMy company name or Stripe?
Tax Rates - getting startedEnter tax rates for your taxable services and materials
Tax rates - how to deleteOnly if it hasn't been used yet
Tax rates - services don't auto-taxBut materials do
Unauthorized access message in the CalendarUser needs to have Invoicing role
Why are my Stripe customers' charges marked as recurring?Stripe cannot store CVC codes so they mark the payment as ‘recurring’
Work order complete - No invoice generatedIt's a Series and the Billing frequency was changed to For Every Work Order after the first Work Order is completed