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Techs - need two or more on same job
Techs - need two or more on same job

Do not Complete & Exit

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Sometimes two or more technicians are needed at the same location due to the workload at that location, or you're training someone new. If there is only one Work Order and both are using devices to scan, take photos, or enter information, neither tech should Complete & Exit the Work Order. Tap Save instead.

Key Points

  • Add both techs to the same work order

  • Both techs need to Save the Work Order

  • From the browser verify everything uploaded

  • Complete the Work Order from the browser

  1. Add both techs to the same work order from the Schedule tab

  2. One-at-a-time, the techs tap Save in the Work Order

   2. Tap Save & Exit, allow a few minutes to pass for the data to upload to the server

before the second tech does the same

IMPORTANT Be sure to save the Work Order one at a time. The first person to
save needs to have the Work Order exited, the app is showing the Calendar and
there is no spinning wheel on the calendar. Then the next person can Save &

   3. In the browser, open the Work Order and verify that all notes, materials,
       scanned devices, photos, units and forms are included or updated (check any
       other tabs to verify the information is uploaded)

   3. In the browser change the status of the Work Order from Scheduled to Complete
   4. Adjust the Start and End times
   5. Save the Work Order


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